GRAPHIS AWARD /グラフィスアワード

■グラフィスアワードとは /About GRAPHIS AWARD

  • 選出方法
  • 特典
    It is a full-fledged award that honors the achievement of that model by determining the annual popular model of each gravure content released in GRASS for 1 year (the previous December - the November opening model).
  • Selection method
    From the model that is released monthly, we add points of staff to aggregation points by member's popularity vote and elect monthly popular freshman model. We pick out the top model of each month from that and decide the 1st place in the year at the end of the year! It is!
  • Benefits
    The model chosen as the top of the annual awards is planning to re-shoot gravure and movies. We are waiting for everyone's vote! It is!

2007年から続けてまいりましたGRAPHIS AWARDですが、昨今の撮影状況におきまして、当初に想定していたような受賞アワードモデルの再撮影、特別ギャラリーの公開等が難しくなっております。そこで熟慮の末、2023年のアワードで一旦、アワードの投票、発表を休止させていただくことになりました。大変申し訳ありません。今後、再開の目処が立ったり、何か別の形で公開できるようなコンテンツが準備できましたら改めて告知させていただきます。
GRAPHIS AWARD has been running since 2007, but due to the current shooting situation, it has become difficult to re-photograph the award-winning models and open a special gallery as originally planned. After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily suspend award voting and presentations for the 2023 awards. I am sorry. We will make an announcement once we have a plan to reopen or when we have prepared content that can be released in a different format.


Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2022, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2022 announcement result!!

"Remu Suzumori" has been selected as the TOP for 2023!! Top of the year for the first time since 2020!Congratulations!!

  • 涼森れむ
Thank you to all GRAPHIS members for voting for this year's monthly awards.
Many beautiful models appeared this year, but the one who won the prestigious 2023 Graphis Best Gravure Award, which was the most highly rated, was a cool model with a neat and beautiful appearance. Sexy look! "Remu Suzumori" has a beautiful slender body with well-shaped F-cup breasts, fair-skinned beautiful buttocks, smooth legs, and fair skin! This is the third time we have won first place following 2019 (first undressing category) and 2020! congratulations! 2nd place is "Ai Hongo". Her cute looks, beautiful big F cup breasts, and beautiful body with a beautiful waist are irresistible! 3rd place goes to "Mio Ishikawa". I fell in love with her fair-skinned, slender body and her neat, beautiful girl looks that rival those of idols!Congratulations!

This time as well, we are releasing the TOP 10 from the lineup of models including "GRAPHIS GALS", "SPECIAL GALLERY", and "FIRST NUDE GRAVURE"!




    • No.1:Remu Suzumori
    • 2022.07
    • No.2:Ai Hongo
    • 『Emotional』
    • 2023.04
    • No.3:Mio Ishikawa
    • 『Lovely!』
    • 2023.08
    • No.4:Ami Tokita
    • 『With A Smile』
    • 2023.05
    • No.5:miru
    • 『Brilliance』
    • 2022.12
    • No.6:Tsubaki Sannomiya
    • 『Passionate Gaze』
    • 2022.05
    • No.7:Non Ohana
    • 『Easygoing』
    • 2023.01
    • No.8:Tsumugi Akari
    • 『Pure Heart!』
    • 2023.03
    • No.9:Karen Yuzuriha
    • 『unveil』
    • 2023.01
    • No.10:Kanan Amamiya
    • 『Heartfelt Kiss!』
    • 2023.02

In 2023, many models appeared for the first time at GRAPHIS, and among them, "Remu Suzumori" was consistently popular. No matter how many times I look at her beautiful slender body with fair skin and cool and sexy expression, I never get tired of looking at her! Among the first-time models, "Ai Hongo," "Mio Ishikawa," and "Ami Tokita" are especially popular, while among the regular models, "miru," "Tsubaki Sannomiya," and "Tsumugi Akari" are doing well. I did. Regarding photography, it is expected that the situation will continue to be difficult in 2024, but we would like to find good models and offer them photography opportunities. We will do our best to deliver even better gravure images and videos to everyone in 2024.
Thank you for your continued support of NO.1 gravure site "GRAPHIS"!!

GRAPHIS staff all together