Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2020, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2018 announcement result!!

The top annual is decided as "Kana Momonogi"! ※"Yui Hatano" is awarded a special prize!

Many beautiful girl models appeared this year as well, but among them, the most acclaimed and prestigious 2020 "GRAPHIS Best Gravure Awards" won the 1st place even if it was taken off for the first time in 2019. It is a shining F cup beauty busty beautiful girl "Remu Suzumura"! Congratulations! !! In addition, the 2nd place was "Aika Yamagishi" which was almost the same as the 1st place even though GRAPHIS first appeared! It was nailed to the sensual sexy gravure of a fair-skinned body with a neat look! !!

And the first daughter to take off! The best award in the category is "Izuna Maki", a beautiful girl with beautiful breasts who has a small body, big eyes and a constriction! The beautiful constriction of 55 cm waist is a must-see for E-cup breasts! Congratulations!
  • 涼森れむ
  • 槙いずな


    • No.1:Remu Suzumori
    • 『Transparent Body』
    • 2020.1
    • No.2:Aika Yamagishi
    • 『Lustrous Beauty』
    • 2020.5
    • No.3:Nana Yagi
    • 『Innocent Heart』
    • 2020.3
    • No.4:Amin Niina
    • 『AMIN』
    • 2019.12
    • No.5:Yua Mikami
    • 『Sweet Smile』
    • 2020.1


    • No.1:Izuna Maki
    • 2020.5
    • No.2:Tsubaki Sannomiya
    • 2020.7
    • No.3:An Mitsumi
    • 2020.6

Thank you again for your cooperation in the Graphis Awards this year!

The 2020 award ranking was a great success for popular and well-known models such as "Aika Yamagishi" and "Nana Yagi". How was this year's model? Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the rankings, but "Marin Hinata" and "Karen Kaede" were also popular. "Maki Izuna" who is the first take off gravure. The ranking was high, out of the head. This year was a year when I had a hard time casting because there were few public models in the first gravure. .. .. Now that the coronavirus is rampant, the situation is quite difficult, but we will do our best to deliver better gravure images and videos to everyone in 2021.
Thank you for your continued support of the NO.1 gravure site "Graphis" !!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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