Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2022, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2022 announcement result!!

"Myuki Ito" has been selected as the TOP for 2022!! 4th appearance in GRAPHIS and finally top! Congratulations!!

  • 伊藤舞雪
Thank you to all GRAPHIS members for voting for this year's monthly awards.
Many beautiful girl models have appeared this year, but the one that won the prestigious 2022 "Graphis Best Gravure Award", which was the most highly rated, was the beautiful face and F-cup beauty. Big breasts! "Mayyuki Ito" is beautiful with a perfect naked body with an overwhelming constriction! This will be the 4th gravure release this time, but it's finally the 1st place! congratulations! 2nd place is "Nozomi Ishihara". The cute smile and the unbalanced charm of the plump erotic body are irresistible! It was just a close second to 3rd place "Mai Kanami"! congratulations!

There are no entries for the "First Nude Gravure!" very sorry. Therefore, this time, we are releasing the TOP 10 from the model lineup that includes "GRAPHIS GALS" and "SPECIAL GALLERY"!




    • No.1:Mayuki Ito
    • 『more』
    • 2022.03
    • No.2:Nozomi Ishihara
    • 『Adult-like』
    • 2021.12
    • No.3:Mai Kanami
    • 『Classy』
    • 2021.12
    • No.4:Rio Kuriyama
    • 『smile』
    • 2022.3
    • No.5:Akari Mitani
    • 『Ravish』
    • 2022.2
    • No.6:Yura Kano
    • 『So Sweet!』
    • 2022.5
    • No.7:Rikka Ono
    • 『Beautiful Bouquet』
    • 2022.1
    • No.8:Suzu Honjo
    • 『Feeling』
    • 2022.10
    • No.9:Umi Yatsugake
    • 『Girl like a doll』
    • 2022.5
    • No.10:Suzu Akane
    • 『Artless』
    • 2022.4

Thank you for supporting the Graphis Awards in 2022!

In 2022, "Mayuki Ito" was missing one of its popularity. That beautiful naked body and open nude gravure in the southern country are convincing first place! Also, there was almost no difference between the 2nd and 5th place, and I think that the gravure of popular models such as "Mai Kanami", "Rio Kuriyama", and "Akari Mitani" who appeared for the first time in GRAPHIS was really worth seeing! In the past few years, it has been difficult to shoot gravure models for the first time, and it is likely that this situation will continue in 2023, but we would like to find good models and make shooting offers. I will do my best to deliver better gravure images and videos to everyone in 2023.
Thank you for your continued support of the NO.1 gravure site "Graphis"!!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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