Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2014, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2014 announcement result!!

Decided to "Syunka Ayami"!

To the GRAPHIS members, thank you very much for voting for the monthly award this year.
This year we have also appeared in many beautiful models, among them the most highly valued from everyone The most prosperous 2014 "Grafus Best Gravure Awards" was a big eyes, an innocent smile, And it is 'Ayami Shunsui' which is a perfect score for high score with "erotic" style! congratulations!

And, "FIRST GRAVURE" The annual best award of the division is" Angel Moe "which was unprecedented in overwhelming transparency and cuteness which was very popular! congratulations!
  • あやみ旬果
  • 天使もえ


    • No.1:Syunka Ayami
    • 『Bombshell!!』
    • 2014.8
    • No.2:Airi Suzumura
    • 『Erotic Expression』
    • 2014.8
    • No.3:Minami Kojima
    • 『2nd Season』
    • 2014.8
    • No.4:Marina Shiraishi
    • 『Frontier』
    • 2014.2
    • No.5:Mana Sakura
    • 『Kisses From You』
    • 2014.7


    • No.1:Moe Amatsuka
    • 2014.7
    • No.2:Harumi Tachibana
    • 2014.2
    • No.3:Nei Minami
    • 2014.10
    • No.4:Ayane Suzukawa
    • 2014.6
    • No.5:Urumi Narumi
    • 2014.5

Thank you for your cooperation in the questionnaire!
Thank you for your continued gravure site "GRAPHIS"!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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