Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2017, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2017 announcement result!!

Decided to "Airi Suzumura"!

To the GRAPHIS members, thank you very much for voting for the monthly award this year.
This year we have also appeared in numerous beautiful girl models, but the most prominent among them was the glamorous 2017 "Graf 's Best Gravure Award" that won the 3 rd consecutive year from 2015! Promising unchanging pretty appearance and outstanding.The gap with occasional smile is the best "Airi Suzumura"!Especially in 2017 the vote at the special gravure in January was nothing.It fascinated us with clothes for the New Year and sexy gravure! congratulations! Also, in the first undressing department "Mari Ai". The beautiful bust of the E cup was a beautiful girl with an impressive appearance in a slurry proportion like an idol! It is a fun model for the future success! congratulations!
  • GRAPHIS award
    • GRAPHIS Award 2017 General BEST 5
    • No.1 Airi Suzumura [GRAPHIS GALS]
      No.2 Syunka Ayami [GRAPHIS GALS]
      No.3 Yua Mikami [GRAPHIS GALS]
      No.4 Shoko Takahashi [GRAPHIS GALS]
      No.5 Arina Hashimoto [SPECIAL]
    • The top of GRAPHIS Award 2017 is "Airi Suzumura". I won the victory without leaving others. The second place was "Syunka Ayami" chan. Outstanding style is alive! In the third place, the former popular idol "Yua Mikami" chan, fourth place was "Shoko Takahashi" chan. "Arina Hashimoto" is jumping into fifth place!


    • No.1:Airi Suzumura
    • 『Certain Existence』
    • 2017.1
    • No.2:Syunka Ayami
    • 『Sunbeams leaves』
    • 2017.2
    • No.3:Yua Mikami
    • 『Divine sprout』
    • 2016.12
    • No.4:Shoko Takahashi
    • 『Madonna』
    • 2017.7
    • No.5:Arina Hashimoto
    • 『Angel whisper』
    • 2017.8


    • No.1:Maria Aine
    • 2017.3
    • No.2:Momo Sakura
    • 2017.5
    • No.3:Yura Kano
    • 2017.10
    • No.4:Matsuri Kiritani
    • 2017.6
    • No.5:Tsumugi Akari
    • 2017.4

Thank you for your cooperation with GRAPHIS AWARD this year too!

In 2017 GRAPHIS AWARD, which was awarded Airi Suzumura for the third consecutive year, "GRAPHIS GALS" dominated this year as usual. Especially the pretty girls model of the former idol system has a high rank in the rank of the plane. On the other hand it was an impression that the glamorous model was not very high. We also renewed this year and caused inconvenience to all members, but I will do my best to deliver good gravure images and videos to everyone in 2018 as well.
Thank you for your continued gravure site "GRAPHIS"!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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