Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2021, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2021 announcement result!!

The annual TOP of 2021 is decided to be "Aika Yamagishi" !! Finally from the 2nd place last year to the TOP! Congratulations!!

Thank you to all GRAPHIS members for voting for this year's monthly awards.
Many beautiful girl models appeared this year as well, but the most acclaimed and prestigious 2021 "Gravure Best Gravure Award" was won by the beautiful looks and fair-skinned slender body. It's a fascinating "Aika Yamagishi"! "Aika", who was unfortunately second in 2020, was proudly number one this year! Congratulations! Second place is "Rikka Ono". I think the photos with a nostalgic atmosphere made "Rikka"'s beauty stand out even more!

And the first take-off daughter! The best award in the category is "Uta Hayano", whose G-cup beauty big breasts are dazzling. It boldly shows us the beautiful breasts and fair-skinned body! Congratulations!
  • 山岸逢花
  • はやのうた


    • No.1:Aika Yamagishi
    • 『Reflection』
    • 2021.11
    • No.2:Rikka Ono
    • 『Nostalgia』
    • 2021.5
    • No.3:Karen Kaede
    • 『Tropical Tour!』
    • 2021.10
    • No.4:Yura Kano
    • 『Hi-Color』
    • 2021.7
    • No.5:Nana Yagi
    • 『Slowly Time』
    • 2021.3


    • No.1:Uta Hayano
    • 2021.4
    • No.2:Suzu Honjo
    • 2021.6
    • No.3:Rena Momozono
    • 2021.3

Thank you again for your cooperation in the Graphis Awards this year!

"Aika Yamagishi", "Karen Kaede", "Yura Kano", and "Nana Yagi", which were very popular last year, were also very popular in this year's re-appearing gravure! Among them, the good fight of "Rikka Ono" was shining! Also, "Airi Suzumura" has a high number of votes, of course, but please note that she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018 and is excluded from the ranking. .. Since there is no shooting model for the first take off gravure, the ranking includes SPECIAL GALLERY, but "Uta Hayano" was missing one head! It's no wonder that the plump body of that G-cup has a cool look that is popular! Coronavirus is still on the rise this year, and it may not be possible to shoot the public model as planned, but everyone in 2022 We will do our best to deliver better gravure images and videos.
Thank you for your continued support of the NO.1 gravure site "Graphis" !!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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