Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2016, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2016 announcement result!!

Decided to "Airi Suzumura"!

To the GRAPHIS members, thank you very much for voting for the monthly award this year.
This year we have also appeared in numerous beautiful girl models, but the most glorious 2016 year that got the highest rating among those "GRAPHIS best gravure awards" won the second consecutive year!Promising unchanging pretty appearance and outstanding.The gap with occasional smile is the best "Airi Suzumura"!Especially in 2016 the vote at the special gravure in January was nothing.The content was not cool and beautiful usual gravure but elemental expressions and comical images were impressive! congratulations!
    • GRAPHIS Award 2016 General BEST 5
    • No.1 Airi Suzumura [SPECIAL]
      No.2 Aoi [GRAPHIS GALS]
      No.3 Koharu Suzuki [GRAPHIS GALS]
    • Next to "Airi Suzumura" which is No. 1, the second place is the outstanding proportion and cool appearance "Aoi". In the third place, "Koharu Suzuki" with overwhelming white skin and beautiful milk is impressive. "Takahashi Syouko" is the fourth place. It was almost a third place up.


    • No.1:Aoi
    • 『Float On』
    • 2016.2
    • No.2:Koharu Suzuki
    • 『Angelic girl』
    • 2016.5
    • No.3:Shouko Takahasi
    • 『Noble bomb』
    • 2016.9
    • No.4:China Mastuokas
    • 『DAISUKI!』
    • 2016.2
    • No.4:Rui Hiduki
    • 『Wildcat』
    • 2016.6
    • No.5:Masami Ichikawa
    • 『Optimistic』
    • 2016.3


    • No.1:Arina Hashimoto
    • 2016.3
    • No.2:Aoi Akane
    • 2007.5
    • No.3:Kaname Ohtori
    • 2016.10
    • No.4:Tsubasa
    • 2016.11
    • No.5:Yuzu Kitagawa
    • 2016.3

Thank you for your cooperation in the questionnaire!
Thank you for your continued gravure site "GRAPHIS"!

GRAPHIS staff all together

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