GRAPHIS AWARD /グラフィスアワード

■グラフィスアワードとは /About GRAPHIS AWARD

  • 選出方法
  • 特典
    It is a full-fledged award that honors the achievement of that model by determining the annual popular model of each gravure content released in GRASS for 1 year (the previous December - the November opening model).
  • Selection method
    From the model that is released monthly, we add points of staff to aggregation points by member's popularity vote and elect monthly popular freshman model. We pick out the top model of each month from that and decide the 1st place in the year at the end of the year! It is!
  • Benefits
    The model chosen as the top of the annual awards is planning to re-shoot gravure and movies. We are waiting for everyone's vote! It is!



Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2018, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2018 announcement result!!

The top annual is decided as "Minami Hatsukawa"! ※"Airi Suzumura" enters the Hall of Fame!

To the GRAPHIS members, thank you very much for voting for the monthly award this year.
This year we also appeared in numerous beautiful girl models, the most prominent of which was the most prosperous in 2018 "GRAPHIS Best Gravure Awards" that shined for a wonderful healing beautiful girl with a smile It is "Minami Hatsukawa" of erotic body which was freshly whitish by! congratulations! In addition, "Airi Suzumura" who won three consecutive victories from 2015 to 2017 entered this year as an entry into the Hall of Fame but it was an overwhelming popularity!

And "FIRST GRAVURE" The best award in the category is "Mahiro Tadai" which makes nomadic things watching beautiful big tits and big eyes outside the standard! congratulations!
  • 鈴村あいり
  • 松岡ちな


    • No.1:Minami Hatsukawa
    • 『Be With You』
    • 2018.2
    • No.2:Tsumugi Akari
    • 『Feel Excited!』
    • 2018.2
    • No.3:Maria Aine
    • 『Pleasant Breeze』
    • 2018.2
    • No.4:Syunka Ayami
    • 『Beautiful Body』
    • 2018.1
    • No.5:Suzu Honjo
    • 『A NEW STAR!』
    • 2018.10


    • No.1:Mahiro Tadai
    • 2018.7
    • No.2:Yume Takeda
    • 2018.1
    • No.3:Miwa Masuzaka
    • 2018.5
    • No.4:Ichika Hoshimiya
    • 2018.9
    • No.5:Yuna Ogura
    • 2018.3

THall of Fame!:Airi Suzumura

From 2015 to 2017 "GRAPHISAWARD" won three consecutive times! "Airi Suzumura" who had quite a few votes this year has been selected as a hall of fame since this year. Including the special gravure in the summer, it was momentum that only Airei could monopolize one-on-one. In future I would like to take pictures of "Airi Suzumura" as much as possible!

Thank you for your cooperation with GRAPHIS AWARD this year too!

Airi Suzumura entered the Hall of Fame and became extraordinary 2018 awards rankings became quite a close battle, but this year also Graphis Gals, special gravure force occupied the top. Suzu Honjo's study shone, especially while the second and third appearance models rank high in ranking across the board. First gravure is really close in battle and Mahiro Tadai is the top! I am hoping for my future success. I will do my best to deliver good gravure images and videos to everyone in 2019 as well.
Thank you for your continued gravure site "GRAPHIS"!

GRAPHIS staff all together