GRAPHIS AWARD /グラフィスアワード

■グラフィスアワードとは /About GRAPHIS AWARD

  • 選出方法
  • 特典
    It is a full-fledged award that honors the achievement of that model by determining the annual popular model of each gravure content released in GRASS for 1 year (the previous December - the November opening model).
  • Selection method
    From the model that is released monthly, we add points of staff to aggregation points by member's popularity vote and elect monthly popular freshman model. We pick out the top model of each month from that and decide the 1st place in the year at the end of the year! It is!
  • Benefits
    The model chosen as the top of the annual awards is planning to re-shoot gravure and movies. We are waiting for everyone's vote! It is!



Based on the monthly popularity vote conducted in 2018, we will recognize works highly valued as GRAPHS annual awards.

GRAPHIS annual award 2018 announcement result!!

The top annual is decided as "Kana Momonogi"! ※"Yui Hatano" is awarded a special prize!

To the GRAPHIS members, thank you very much for voting for the monthly award this year.
This year we had many beautiful girl models appear, but among them, the "GRAPHIS Best Gravure Awards" in 2019, which has won the highest evaluation, is also popular for activities such as "Ebisu Muscats" Is a beautiful girl, "Kana Momonogi"! Congratulations! In addition, for the first appearance of GRAPHIS, "Mahiro Tadai" was ranked second with "Mahiro Tadai" in the number of votes after Kana Momonogi.

And take off your first daughter! The best award in the category is “Remu Suzumori”, who has an attractive and moist atmosphere with F-cup beauty busty fair skin! Unfortunately, it was really close to second place "Hinata Koizumi". Congratulations!
  • 桃乃木かな
  • 涼森れむ


    • No.1:Kana Momonogi
    • 『Small devil』
    • 2019.8
    • No.2:Yui Hatano
    • 『Voluptuous Woman』
    • 2019.1
    • No.2:Mahiro Tadai
    • 『Pure Smile』
    • 2019.1
    • No.3:Minami Hatsukawa
    • 『umikaze』
    • 2019.10
    • No.4:Minami Kojima
    • 『Can you come here!』
    • 2018.8
    • No.5:Nodoka Sakuraba
    • 『Olhos Claros』
    • 2019.7


    • No.1:Remu Suzumori
    • 2019.6
    • No.2:Hinata Koizumi
    • 2019.2
    • No.3:Suzu Monami
    • 2019.2
    • No.4:Rika Aimi
    • 2019.4
    • No.5:Meru Ishihara
    • 2019.7

Special Award:Yui Hatano

"Yui Hatano", the first appearance in GRAPHIS and the second place in the ranking, has been decided as a special award! 4K galleries, including undisclosed galleries, are being sold on the PPV page to commemorate the special award. You can enjoy the sexy BODY of the beautiful big breasts of the E cup with 4K images! Please note that it is sold for a limited time (until January 13, 2020).

Thank you for your cooperation with GRAPHIS AWARD this year too!

This is the 2019 award ranking of the first appearance of “Yui Hatano”, which was very strong, but again this year, the models that appeared in the second and third times were strong. In the first appearance of the model, Nodoka Sakuraba, who ranked fifth, was also popular. In the first take off gravure, two people of the first place "Remu Suzumori" and "Hinata Koizumi" were missing one head from the other models, and these two people were really close battles. We will do our best to deliver better gravure images and videos in 2020.
Thank you for your continued gravure site "GRAPHIS"!

GRAPHIS staff all together