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    • 年齢 /age: 24
    • 身長 /height: 154cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH: B86(D) W58 H85
    • 趣味 /hobby:アニメ、映画鑑賞、ゲーム
      Anime, Watching movies, Playing games
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    • 今回の"初脱ぎグラビア"のモデルは元芸能人の『四宮ありす』ちゃん。独特の雰囲気と透明感で大人気な美少女タレントでその時にグラビア撮影は経験済みではあるものの、本格的なヌードグラビアは初めてらしい。整った容姿は可愛らしくチャーミングで一人称は"僕"というファンタジックにしてミステリアスな不思議ちゃん。そんなありすちゃんが恥ずかしがりながらもDカップの美乳に色白の瑞々しい美肌ボディを惜しげもなく大胆に披露!24歳とは思えない見た目の幼さと目力の強い美少女「四宮ありす」ちゃんの初ヌードグラビアをぜひお楽しみください!
    • The model of this time's "first take off gravure" is former entertainer "Alice Shinomiya". She is a beautiful girl talent who is very popular for her unique atmosphere and transparency. She has a well-groomed appearance, is cute and charming, and her first person is "BOKU", a fantastic and mysterious wonder-chan. Although such A "lice" is shy, she boldly shows off her beautiful D-cup breasts and fair-skinned body! Please enjoy the first nude gravure of "Alice Shinomiya", a beautiful girl who looks young and has strong eyes that you can't believe she is 24 years old!