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    • 年齢 /age:25
    • 身長 /height: 160cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH:B86(E) W61 H88
    • 趣味 /hobby:アニメ、BL
      Watching anime,Reading "BL"
    • 登場回数 /Number of shots:1
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    • 綺麗な長い髪の上品な美人ルックスにEカップ美巨乳と美巨尻の肉感ボディ!「神宮寺ナオ」ちゃんがGRAPHISに初登場!可憐で清楚なだけでなくセクシーな表情から醸し出される大人の女の色気がとても魅力的!映画、舞台など幅広くマルチに活躍、SNSでも大人気の「神宮寺ナオ」ちゃんの最新ヘアヌードグラビアをじっくりとお楽しみください!
    • An elegant beauty with beautiful long hair and a fleshy body with E-cup beautiful big breasts and a beautiful big butt! "Nao Jinguji" appears in GRAPHIS for the first time! Not only is she cute and neat, but she also has a sexy expression, and the sex appeal of an adult woman is very attractive! Please enjoy the latest hair nude gravure of "Nao Jinguji", who is very popular on SNS and is active in a wide range of fields such as movies and stages!!