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    • 年齢 /age: 21
    • 身長 /height: 159.7cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH:B85(F) W59 H88
    • 趣味 /hobby:アイドル鑑賞、コスプレ
      Idol appreciation, Cosplay
    • 登場回数 /Number of shots:1
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    • 大きな瞳の可愛らしいルックスにFカップの美巨乳!「斎藤あみり」ちゃんがGRAPHISに初登場!サラサラツヤツヤのストレートヘアに透き通るような色白美肌ボディにFカップの美巨乳にスラリと長く伸びた美しい手足の抜群のプロポーションは必見!美乳・美尻・美脚のパーフェクトボディーの「斎藤あみり」ちゃんが南国で魅せてくれる輝くボディと無邪気な笑顔をじっくりとお楽しみください!
    • Beautiful big breasts of F cup with cute looks with big eyes! "Amiri Saito" debuts at GRAPHIS! It is a must-see for the outstanding proportions of beautiful limbs that are slender and long and slender with beautiful big breasts of F cup on a fair skin body that is transparent with smooth and glossy straight hair! Please enjoy the shining body and innocent smile that "Amiri Saito", the perfect body with beautiful breasts, beautiful buttocks, and beautiful legs, will fascinate you in the tropical country!

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