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    • 年齢 /age: 19
    • 身長 /height: 144cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH: B83(D) W57 H83
    • 趣味 /hobby:旅行、吹奏楽
      Travel, brass band
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    • 今回の初脱ぎ娘!のモデルは、デビューしたてのミニマム美少女「桃尻かのん」ちゃん。身長144cmというミニマムながらDカップのおっぱいに形の良い美尻とくびれが抜群の19歳。そんな色白美少女「桃尻かのん」ちゃんを宮古島でじっくりと撮り下ろしをした。初グラビア撮影と言うことで始めは表情も動きも固く、大丈夫かと心配になるくらいだったが開放的な南国の雰囲気も相まって徐々に撮影にも慣れてきたようで伸び伸びとした明るい表情が出てきたのは嬉しい誤算で、「かのん」ちゃんも撮影を楽しんでくれていたようだ。天候に恵まれれば最高だったが・・・撮影全日雨か曇り。少し残念ではあるが屋内での少しセクシーで大胆なポーズなど、天気がよくないなりのグラビアを楽しんでいただきたい。彼女の笑顔で天候のリスクも吹き飛ばしてくれたようだ!
    • The model of this first take off daughter! Is the minimum pretty girl who made a debut "Kanon Momojiri". While I was 144 cm tall, I was 19 years old with excellent shape and nice shape and neck in D-cup tits. I slowly took down such a fairly beautiful girl "Kanon Momojiri" with "Miyako Islands". By saying the first gravure photography, the expressions and movements were hard at the beginning, it was about worrying whether it would be fine, but coupled with the atmosphere of the open tropical land combined with gradually becoming accustomed to shooting, a bright expression stretching out came out It was a pleasant miscalculation, and "Kanon" seems to have enjoyed shooting. It was awesome if it was blessed with the weather ... Photographed All day it was raining or cloudy. I'd like to enjoy gravure which is somewhat disappointing but the weather is not good, such as a bit sexy and bold pose in the indoor. It seems that her smile blew away the risk of the weather!