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    • 年齢 /age: 20
    • 身長 /height: 165cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH: B91 W58 H85
    • 趣味 /hobby:お笑い鑑賞、お酒を飲むこと
      Appreciation of comedy TV, drinking alcohol
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    • 今回のモデルは、奇跡の美巨乳!爆裂Hカップの「桐谷まつり」。どうしても巨乳に注目しがちだが、黒髪で素朴な美少女ルックスに色白美肌と全体的にポテンシャルは高い。さらにスポーツをしていたというボディのくびれも素晴らしい。しゃべり方も若干(?)訛りの残るおっとりした話し方がとても可愛い20歳の美少女だ。撮影中は終始恥ずかしがっていたものの彼女の魅了が十分に伝わるヌードグラビアが撮影ができたと思う。初々しさとセクシーさを併せ持つ彼女の活躍には今後も注目していきたい。
    • This model is beautiful big breasts of miracle! "Matsuri Kiritani" of an explosive H cup. I often pay attention to big breasts, but her potential is high overall for her being black-haired and having a body of simple beautiful girl looks and fair clear skin. The thin and narrow waistline which was playing more sportses is also wonderful. The gentle way of talking by which an accent is also left a little a way of speaking is a very cute 20-year-old beautiful girl. I think during taking a picture, they felt embarrassed from beginning to end, but the nude gravure to which her charming is transmitted sufficiently could take a picture. I'd like also to pay attention to her achievement with both of innocence and sexiness from now on.