About points and continuation

■About continuous system

It changed from the rank system at the point so far to the continuation frequency.
Continuous flat-rate service continues to increase fixed rank continuation rank! A special gallery of each rank becomes available!
(※Once you stop the flat rate service, the count will be reset.)
    • stage1 lineup
    • stage2 lineup

How to increase the number of times

In addition to continuing regular flat-rate service, you can increase the number of continuations at purchase points! Recommended for those who want to rank up quickly!
It is available from "Add fixed number of times at purchase point" of My page.

■About points

There are 2 types of service points and purchase points on this site.
Point has expiration date. The term of validity is one year since we last purchased points (or continued flat rate service) in common.

About service points(The point of the old system will be a service point)

  • ■How to get service points
  • Service points will be awarded when continuing to flat rate service, when adopting reviews, and logging in the first day of the day.
  • Credit settlement
    30 day settlement →  500Pt
    60 day settlement → 1000Pt
    90 day settlement → 1500Pt
    When login
    Once a day → 1Pt
  • ■How to use service points
  • Service points can be used for extension service of periodic service (application for free for the previous month).
  • Extended flat-rate service period
    4000Pt → Extended 30 days
  • Extended period of flat rate service can be done from "Extended fixed usage period due to point use" on My page.
  • ※In the case of extending the period using the service point, the points at the time of renewal are not given.
    Therefore, please note that the deadline for points will not be extended either.

About purchase points

  • ■How to get a purchase point
  • Purchasing points can be purchased from point purchase of My Page.
  • Credit settlement
    \ 1000 →  1000Pt
  • ■How to use purchase points
  • The purchase point can be used for addition of the number of times of continuation for rank up as well as purchase of PPV item(in preparation) download product.
  • Add continuation count
    2000Pt →  Add 1 times
    4000Pt →  Add 2 times
    6000Pt →  Add 3 times
    8000Pt →  Add 4 times
    10000Pt→  Add 5 times
  • To add the number of times of continuation, you can do it from "Add fixed number of times at purchase point" on My page.