Please send inquiries to GRAPHIS, questions, staff application etc. from the bottom form. Please read theFAQcarefully before contact.


First of all, please have a look at common inquiries.

  • Can not login
    If you join before the renewal of July 19, 2017 and the mail address at the time of registration is unknown, please send the ID before renewal and the TEL you filled in at the time of settlement registration by e-mail.
  • I do not know the password
    The password can not be confirmed by us due to security concerns. If you do not recognize your password, please reset it yourself.
    You can set it again from the bottom of the login page "Person who forgot password".→Go the bottom of Login page "Person who forgot password"
  • I do not receive the mail for book registration
    At the bottom of the member registration page (resend of provisional registration mail) is. Please enter your registered e-mail address here and resubmit. In addition, please be sure to check that mail because it may be sorted into spam folder etc. according to security setting etc.
    In addition, it may not be able to receive e-mails due to mail settings, other security settings of providers, etc. In that case, sorry for your inconvenience but please re-register with another e-mail address.→Go the "Retransmit temporary registration mail" at the bottom of the join page

    E-mail address with frequent inquiries if it does not arrive
    ※Mail often does not reach the mobile mail.
  • I can not browse images and download movies
    ■I have not applied for monthly service
    To browse images and download videos, you need to apply for monthly service after membership registration. Monthly service can be applied from My page. Also, if you purchase points (purchase points) available on the PPV page you can download the contents of the PPV page.→Go My page
    ■Despite having subscribed to the monthly service, you can not display enlarged images and play back movies.
    Please make the latest OS and browser of terminal of your PC etc. as possible. Please also enable CSS, Javascript etc.

    【Recommended operating environment】
    Win OS7以上
    Mac OSX 10.11or higher
    ※Please use the latest browser as possible.
    Chrome 60.0.3112.101or higher
    Firefox 54.0.1or higher
    Safari 10.1.2or higher
    Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0or higher
    IE is deprecated (some of the latest version may not be displayed correctly)

The login method has changed.

    By switching to the new system, the login method will be changed. It is necessary to log in with the registered e-mail address instead of the conventional ID. If you do not know the registered e-mail address, please contact us from the inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Password has not changed. Sorry to trouble you, but thank you.

Please contact CREDIX Customer Support credit card payment.

GRAPHIS does not have any information of credit card users, so Please contact CREDIX Customer Support
CREDIX Customer Support
TEL :+81-3-6832-1339

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