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    • 年齢 /age: 20
    • 身長 /height: 157cm
    • スリーサイズ /BWH: B85 W58 H86
    • 趣味 /hobby: ヨガ、散歩
      Yoga, a walk
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    • 博多弁が可愛い美少女の涼川絢音が今回の初脱ぎのモデルである。撮影当日は緊張のあまり寝不足だったのか、少し眠そうで固い表情だったが、だんだん撮影に慣れてきて大胆なポーズにもこたえてくれるようになっていった。ポージング等、こちらの要求にすぐに順応していく・・こんなに勘のいい子ははじめてだ。時折みせるちょっとHな表情にもドキッとさせられてしまった。すべての人を虜にさせてしまうような魅力的な美少女「涼川絢音」にいつのまにか魅せられてしまったようだ。このすばらしいモデルの初ヌードをじっくりと楽しんでほしい!必ず納得して頂けるはず!
    • "Ayane Suzukawa" of a beautiful girl showing cute Hakata dialect is a model of this Virgin Gravure. It was the expression that it was slightly somniferous, and was firm whether it was lack of sleep, but I was gradually getting used to photography and, on the photography day, came to answer a bold pose because of too much strain. I adapt to my demand immediately and try the good baby of the perception for the first time so. I have been made to be surprised at a slightly naughty expression to occasionally show. I seem to have been charmed all too soon by attractive beautiful girl "Ayane Suzukawa" which let all people have a captive. I want you to enjoy the first nude of this splendid model slowly and carefully! You should be able to understand by all means!

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