• 「JULIA」の日めくりカレンダー(未公開画像)は、9月30日まで毎日公開します!
  • The daily calendar (unpublished image) of "Julia" will be released daily until September 30!
  • 見るもの全てを魅了してきたグラフィスのモデル達。そんな彼女達の未公開画像を毎日1枚お届けします。※土・日曜分は金曜更新となります。
  • The models of GRAPHIS who have fascinated everything to see. We will deliver one of these undisclosed images of those people everyday. ※ Saturdays and Sundays will be updated on Friday.

This gallery can be viewed by members of stage 1 or higher members (more than 6 times in a row).

This gallery is open until October 31, 2023.